Scientific Programme


Monday 24 September 2012 - Peptide Hormones & Tumour Markers

  • Reproduction and assisted conception including AMH
  • Acromegaly; Insulin assays
  • Tumour marker update
  • Commutability & Standardisation

Tuesday 25th September 2012 - Steroid Hormones (including Vitamin D) & New Technologies

  • Investigation of hypertension
  • Vitamin D update; Testosterone methods; Quandaries in interpretation
  • Mass Spectrometry - a universal solution?
  • Harmonisation of results; "Purism vs pragmatism"

Wednesday 26th September 2012 - Thyroid Hormones & Cardiac Markers

  • Thyroid hormones - clinical updates including pregnancy
  • "Why do we still struggle with TFTs?"
  • Cardiac markers: standardisation & interpretation
  • The future of laboratory medicine


Monday 24th September 2012 (meeting starts at 10:30)

11:00Session 1
11:00Investigation of male infertility. Chris Barratt [Dundee]
11:30Investigation of female infertility. Davinia White [London]
12:00The role of AMH in assisted conception. Richard Anderson [Edinburgh]
12:30Lunch & Industry Workshop - Dr. Sherri Faye
Measurement of Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH): State of the Art
13:30Session 2
13:30Diagnosis and monitoring of acromegaly. Peter Trainer [Manchester]
14:00Insulin assays and their clinical use. Gwen Wark [Guildford]
14:30Tumour markers in common epithelial cancers - practice and potential. Michael Crawford [Keighley]
15:30Session 3
15:30Reference materials, commutability and bias. Ingrid Zegers [IRMM, Geel, Belgium]
16:00Preparation, assessment and introduction of International Standards. Chris Burns [NIBSC, Potters Bar]
16:30Peptide EQA Update. Cathie Sturgeon [Edinburgh] & Gwen Wark [Guildford]
17:00Day 1 Discussion

Tuesday 25th September 2012 (meeting starts at 9:00)

09:00Session 4
09:00Center for Disease Control Standardisation initiatives. Hubert Vesper [CDC, Atlanta]
09:30Mass spectrometry. Brian Keevil [Manchester]
10:00Steroid EQA Update. Finlay Mackenzie [Birmingham]
11:00Session 5
11:00Harmonisation. Gary Myers [AACC, Washington]
11:30New trends in monitoring the quality of laboratory tests. Linda Thienpont [Ghent]
12:00Result harmonization - Purist or pragmatist approach? Jonathan Middle [Birmingham], Julian Barth [Leeds]
12:30Lunch & Industry Workshop - Dr Allan Thompson
New horizons in the non-invasive assessment of liver disease - the ELF test
13:30Session 6
13:30Investigation of the hypertensive patient. John Connell [Dundee]
14:00Vitamin D update - analytical aspects. Graham Carter [London]
14:30Vitamin D update - clinical aspects. Bill Fraser [Norwich]
15:30Session 7
15:30Quandaries in interpretation for the Duty Biochemist. Les Perry [London]
16:00EQA as a tool for training and revalidation. Bill Egner [Sheffield]
16:30Industry response to a complaint. Brian Houston [IDS]
17:00Day 2 Discussion

Wednesday 26th September 2012 (Meeting starts at 9:00)

09:00Session 8
09:00Clinical outcome in patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome. Nick Mills [Edinburgh]
09:30Clinical interpretation of cardiac troponins. Paul Collinson [London]
10:00Future cardiac markers. Richard Body [Manchester]
11:00Session 9
11:00Why do we still struggle with TFTs? David Halsall [Cambridge]
11:30Thyroid function tests in pregnancy. Shiao Chan [Birmingham]
12:00On-going controversies in thyroid disease. Colin Dayan [Cardiff]
12:30Lunch & Industry Workshops
13:30Session 10
13:30Cardiac Marker EQA Update. Alan Reid [Glasgow]
14:00Thyroid EQA Update. Finlay Mackenzie [Birmingham]
14:30Future of Laboratory Medicine. Graham Beastall [IFCC President]
15:15Tea and Departure